Gál: Music for Cello
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Hans Gál: Music for Cello

Catalogue Number: TOCC0043
EAN: 5060113440433
Release Date: 23 April 2012
Duration: 63:55

Sonata for Solo Cello, Op. 109a
Suite for Solo Cello, Op. 109b
Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 89

Alfia Nakipbekova, cello
Jakob Fichert, piano

The Vienna-born Hans Gál (1890–1987) settled in Edinburgh after fleeing from the Nazis in 1938 and became a much-loved figure in his adoptive town. But he never lost his Viennese fondness for melody, as these three works demonstrate – the Sonata with piano composed in 1953 and the two works for solo cello in 1982, when he was 92, almost the last music he wrote.

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Track No. Track Title / Details Duration Sample Add to Cart
1-3 Sonata for Violoncello Solo, Op. 109a (1982)

Hans Gál, composer
Alfia Nakipbekova, cello

(first recording)
1 I. Andante. Allegro commodo 8:26 play
2 II. Quasi minuetto lento 6:24 play
3 III. Vivace 5:39 play
4-7 Suite for Violoncello Solo, Op. 109b (1982)

Hans Gál, composer
Alfia Nakipbekova, cello

(first recording)
4 I. Introduzione and Fughetta 5:49 play
5 II. Alla Marcia 5:42 play
6 III. Cavatina 4:08 play
7 IV. Rondino 5:49 play
8-10 Sonata for Violincello and Pianoforte, Op. 89 (1953)

Hans Gál, composer
Alfia Nakipbekova, cello
Jakob Fichert, piano
8 I. Moderato ma agitato 10:00 play
9 II. Poco vivace 2:50 play
10 III. Adagio. Allegro energico 9:08 play


Hans Gál, 1925

Hans Gál, composer

Alfia Nakipbekova

Alfia Nakipbekova, cello

Jakob Fichert

Jakob Fichert, piano


A most accomplished duo

[…] All of the pieces on this disc were written in the United Kingdom. The earliest piece is the 1953 sonata. We immediately hear the influence of Brahms in the dark opening. Although he was not a cellist, Gál certainly knew how to accent the best features of the instrument, and Alfia Nakipbekova, an artist from far-off Kazakhstan, knows how to make her cello sing. German-born pianist Jakob Fichert plays with a Brahmsian palette of wine-colored tones. […] While Gál’s works are melodic, they are not in a 19th century style; he found his own unique voice and wrote in a style that now seems to be in line with the work of 21st-century melodists. […] Nakipbekova and Fichert are a most accomplished duo and their playing is recorded in clear and present sound.

Maria Nockin Fanfare November 2012


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