Ramey: Piano Music, Volume 2
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Phillip Ramey: Piano Music, Volume Two, 1966–2007

Catalogue Number: TOCC0077
EAN: 5060113440778
Release Date: 5 May 2008
Duration: 63:57

Recorded under the supervision of the composer

Epigrams, Book One
Leningrad Rag
Winter Nocturne
Toccata No. 1
Ode for F. D. R.
Toccata No. 2
Piano Sonata No. 4

Mirian Conti, piano

The piano music of the American composer Phillip Ramey (b. 1939) is rooted in the motoric athleticism of Prokofiev and Bartók, to which influences he has blended sober lyricism, spicy modernist dissonance and a fresh approach to the grand Romantic gesture. This second Toccata Classics album of his piano music presents the first recordings of the early Slavic-inflected Diversions and the dark, dramatic Piano Sonata No. 4. The other works include the loosely dodecaphonic Epigrams and the Leningrad Rag, a satiric take-off on Scott Joplin written for the legendary Vladimir Horowitz. This varied recital concludes with the recent, rip-roaring Primitivo, a succinct study in sophisticated barbarism.

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Track Listing, MP3 Downloads and Streaming Samples

Track No. Track Title / Details Duration Sample Add to Cart
1-8 Diversions (1966)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano

(first recording)
1 No. 1, Sarcasm (Allegro moderato) 0:41 play
2 No. 2, Solitude (Adagio) 1:37 play
3 No. 3, The Mouse and the Bear (Moderato con moto) 0:49 play
4 No. 4, Night (Andante) 1:49 play
5 No. 5, Petrushka (Allegro moderato) 1:15 play
6 No. 6, Specter (Moderato con moto) 1:37 play
7 No. 7, Windmills (Allegro) 0:39 play
8 No. 8, Homage to Prokofiev (Allegro festivo) 1:50 play
9-19 Epigrams, Book One (1967)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano

(first recording)
9 I. Calm 0:57 play
10 II. Sarcastic 0:39 play
11 III. Flowing 1:15 play
12 IV. Declamatory 0:49 play
13 V. Dream-like 1:00 play
14 VI. Singing 1:02 play
15 VII. Jaunty 0:46 play
16 VIII. Somber 1:17 play
17 IX. Vigorous 1:11 play
18 X. Dispassionate 1:50 play
19 XI. Angry 1:38 play
20 Leningrad Rag (Mutations on Scott Joplin) (1972)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano
2:39 play
21 Winter Nocturne (2003)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano

(first recording)
4:11 play
22 Toccata No. 1 (1986)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano

(first recording)
2:29 play
23 Ode for F. D. R. (2004)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano

(first recording)
5:27 play
24 Toccata No. 2 (1990)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano
4:21 play
25-26 Piano Sonata No. 4 (1987–88)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano

(first recording)
25 I. Monologue with Arabesques 6:31 play
26 II. Fantasy-Ballade 14:04 play
27 Primitivo (2007)

Phillip Ramey, composer
Mirian Conti, piano

(first recording)
1:34 play


Phillip Ramey

Phillip Ramey, composer

Mirian Conti

Mirian Conti, piano


These compositions make huge demands on the performer (Copland thought of him [Ramey] as a modern-day Liszt) but their rewards for the listener are legion. The dazzling Mirian Conti guides us on a journey from serialism and atonality through to colour effects and tone clusters in a collection which includes the glorious "Leningrad Rag", a brilliant subversion of Scott Joplin.

Stephen Pritchard The Observer 21st December 2008

’The Diversions are a cavalcade of angular grotesqueries [… with] a romantic sensibility coloured by the piano music of Bartók and Prokofiev’, and the Leningrad Rag ‘a sort of cross between Kapustin, Joplin and 1960s Copland […] written for Horowitz of all people

Rob Barnett MusicWeb International May 2008


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