Schurmann: Music for Violin and Piano
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Gerard Schurmann: Music for Violin and Piano

Catalogue Number: TOCC0133
EAN: 5060113441331
Release Date: 13 February 2012
Duration: 72:17

Duo for Violin and Piano
Leotaurus: Theme and Variations for Piano
Autumn Leaves for Violin and Piano
Contrasts for Piano

Alyssa Park, violin
Mikhail Korzhev, piano

The Anglo-Dutch composer Gerard Schurmann, born in the East Indies in 1924 and based in the USA since 1981, first made his mark in Britain in the 1940s and ’50s, as a pianist and composer, particularly of chamber music and, later, of film scores. His concert output is intense, passionate, tightly argued and charged with energy, but also infused with lyricism, as these four pieces demonstrate.

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Track No. Track Title / Details Duration Sample Add to Cart
1-5 Duo for Violin and Piano (1982-83)

Gerard Schurmann, composer
Alyssa Park, violin
Mikhail Korzhev, piano

(first recording)
1 I. Intrada: Lento appassionato 4:18 play
2 II. Ditirambo: Allegro molto 6:12 play
3 III. Notturno: Adagio tranquillo ed espressivo 6:51 play
4 IV. Burlesca: Presto 3:16 play
5 V. Alba: Largo 5:16 play
6-16 Leotaurus: Theme and Variations for Piano (1974-75)

Gerard Schurmann, composer
Mikhail Korzhev, piano

(first recording)
6 Theme – Tranquillo 1:19 play
7 Variation 1 – Poco animato 0:59 play
8 Variation 2 – Tempo come primo 1:13 play
9 Variation 3 – Allegro molto 1:31 play
10 Variation 4 – Presto 0:53 play
11 Variation 5 – Andante cantabile 2:26 play
12 Variation 6 – Moderato 0:59 play
13 Variation 7 – Con moto 0:39 play
14 Variation 8 – Vivace 0:54 play
15 Variation 9 – Moderato 2:30 play
16 Variation 10 – Allegro 1:40 play
17-20 Autumn Leaves for Violin and Piano (2007)

Gerard Schurmann, composer
Alyssa Park, violin
Mikhail Korzhev, piano

(first recording)
17 I. Andante con moto 4:29 play
18 II. Arietta 3:48 play
19 III. Allegro 2:57 play
20 IV. Moderato 5:12 play
21-24 Contrasts for Piano (1972-73)

Gerard Schurmann, composer
Mikhail Korzhev, piano

(first recording)
21 I. Cumulonimbus: Maestoso 3:20 play
22 II. Summer Rain: Allegro capriccioso 3:17 play
23 III. Becalmed: Lento, calmo ed espressivo 4:50 play
24 IV. Undersun: Allegro maestoso – Presto 3:28 play


Gerard Schurmann

Gerard Schurmann, composer

Alyssa Park

Alyssa Park, violin

Mikhail Korzhev

Mikhail Korzhev, piano


A beguiling hour for almost any listener

While only tonal in a highly attenuated sense, Schurmann’s musical language never leaves listeners without clearly identifiable musical processes upon which to fasten their attention, and music so involving tends to pass very quickly — Schurmann’s certainly does. In Park’s and Korzhev’s poetic yet strong-minded performances, captured in clear recorded sound, the music reveals a great deal of fancy despite its rigor, and its shifting moods should provide a beguiling hour for almost any listener.

Robert Maxham Fanfare November 2012

Neatly played craftsmanship

Now in his late 80s, the Anglo-Dutch composer Gerard Schurmann has lived in the US for the last 30 years.In that time his music has been heard less and less frequently in Britain, where he had previously had a successful career composing both for films and the concert hall, after studying with Alan Rawsthorne. It's 10 years since Chandos released a disc of Schurmann's Violin Concerto and Concerto for Orchestra, both finely worked pieces, vividly scored. This Toccata collection of works for violin and piano and piano alone, neatly played by Alyssa Park and Mikhail Korzhev, is a reminder of the craftsmanship that characterises Schurmann's music, and of his slightly brittle Stravinskyan style. Both the solo piano cycles, the theme and variations of Leotaurus and Contrasts, come from the mid-1970s, before Schurmann's move across the Atlantic, while the Duo, the biggest, most impressive score here, was the first thing he composed after he settled in Los Angeles, and Autumn Leaves dates from 2007.

Andrew Clements The Guardian 23rd February 2012


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