CDs featuring Vytautas BACEVIČIUS

Bacevičius: Orchestral Music

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Vytautas Bacevičius: Orchestral Music

Poème Électrique
Piano Concerto No. 1, Sur les thèmes lituaniens
Symphony No. 2, Della Guerra
Symphony No. 6, Cosmique

Aidas Puodžiukas, piano
Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, orchestra
Vytautas Lukočius, conductor
Martynas Staškus, conductor

The Lithuanian pianist and composer Vytautas Bacevičius (1905-70) is one of the undiscovered radicals of the twentieth century. The early works on this CD show him finding his voice, as in the First Piano Concerto, with its echoes of Scriabin, and the Poème électrique, cast in the ‘machinist’ aesthetic in vogue in the 1920s and ’30s. The programmatic Second Symphony depicts the onset of the Second World War which Bacevičius, desperately anxious about his family in Poland and Lithuania, followed from his exile in the New World. And the late Sixth Symphony and Graphique, which show a kaleidoscopic, pointilliste use of orchestral colour, boiling with violent energy, point to an entirely new musical language.

Bacevičius: Piano Music, Volume 1

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Vytautas Bacevičius: Piano Music, Volume One

Premier Mot, Op. 18
Deuxième Mot, Op. 21
Troisième Mot, Op. 37
Quatrième Mot, Op. 31
Cinquième Mot, Op. 59
Sixième Mot, Op. 72
Septième Mot, Op. 73

Gabrielius Alekna, piano
Matthew Lewis, organ
Ursula Oppens, piano

The Lithuanian pianist and composer Vytautas Bacevičius (1905–70) is one of the undiscovered pioneers of twentieth-century music. His series of seven Mots (‘Words’) for keyboard – five for solo piano, one for organ and one for two pianos – were written between 1933 and 1966 and show the evolution of his musical language from the post-Skryabin style of the early works, via the influence of Prokofiev and Stravinsky, to a highly individual modernism, akin to that of two fellow radicals, Varèse and Wolpe.