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Thieriot: Chamber Music, Volume 1

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Ferdinand Thieriot: Chamber Music, Volume One

Piano Quintet, Op. 20
Theme and Variations, Op. 29
String Sextet in D major

Hamburg Chamber Players, ensemble
Ian Mardon, violin
Ilona Raasch, violin
Rudolf Seippel, viola
Julia Mensching, viola
Rolf Herbrechtsmeyer, cello
Martin von Hopffgarten, cello
Yuko Hirose, piano

Ferdinand Thieriot (1836–1919) was, like Johannes Brahms, a student of Eduard Marxsen in Hamburg; Brahms remained a friend in later years – and Thieriot’s music does indeed have a Brahmsian warmth and richness. His works, the chamber music especially, was popular during his own lifetime but since his death in 1919 it has been totally forgotten – not least because the archives containing his manuscripts were taken to Leningrad after the Second World War. It is time to rediscover this generous and big-hearted music, which overflows with memorable melodies.