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Membership of the Discovery Club brings you huge savings on all Toccata Classics recordings and all Toccata Press music books – with the added advantage that you can enjoy the new releases and publications well before they reach the rest of the world. And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to rewrite musical history and right some historical wrongs!

How it works

It works very simply: once you pay the annual membership fee of £20 using the form on this page, you have instant access to the entire Toccata Classics catalogue, either on CD or as downloads.* You get discounts on both existing and new recordings and all Toccata Press books on music - and as soon as you join, you can claim two Toccata Classics CDs (worth £27), four FLAC or five MP3 album downloads (worth £39.96 or £39.95), or a Toccata Press book entirely free: simply send an email to to tell us which two CDs, four FLAC or five MP3 album downloads or Toccata Press book you would like.

Josef Mysliveček: Music for Strings, Volume One John Gardner: Music for Brass and Organ Algernon Ashton: Music for Cello and Piano, Volume One Philip van Wilder: Complete Sacred Music Chansons Nikolai Peyko: Complete Piano Music, Volume One

Toccata Classics CDs are full price in the shops – but as a Discovery Club member you can buy them at less than mid-price, £8.50 post free as opposed to £13.50 or more. Download albums are £9.99 (FLAC) and £7.99 (MP3) to non-members and £7.99 (FLAC) and £5.99 (MP3) to members (and individual tracks are reduced by 25%). Toccata Press books come with a similar percentage chopped off.

With your two free Toccata Classics CDs, you've already got your money back as soon as you join, and you continue to make big savings everytime you buy something else through this site. There's no minimum purchase, and nothing will be sent to you if you haven't asked for it. As soon as you've joined the Discovery Club, you can be sure your shopping basket will display your discounted prices.

Once you join, you'll get an e-newsletter every month to let you know what's coming out, with links to the music so you can hear what's on offer. If you like it, you simply buy it online and as soon as the CDs come in from the factory, they'll be sent out to you – you'll have it in your hands well before anyone else hears it. If you prefer to download, you'll likewise have access to the links way ahead of the rest of the world. The newsletter will also bring you recording news – and advance samples where possible. We're also working on a device to bring you free ring-tones from the Toccata Classics catalogue for your mobile phone.

Among the recordings and books you can look forward to...

You'll want to know what is in the pipeline. There's a feast of good music in preparation, almost none of it recorded before:

and much, much more.

Toccata Press has just published Tully Potter's monumental biography of Adolf Busch: The Life of an Honest Musician, and Mark Doran’s collection of Hans Keller’s complete articles for Music and Musicians will soon follow the complete Keller writings on Stravinsky in Stravinsky the Music-Maker, edited by Martin Anderson, who is also working on a collection of Ronald Stevenson’s writings on Busoni. A collection of Martinů’s letters home is in preparation, as is a translation of Arvid Vollsnes’ study of the life and music of the Norwegian master Ludvig Irgens-Jensen. The second volume of Andrew Ashbee’s study of John Jenkins is among the other titles also in preparation.

Our Philosophy

The Discovery Club is, we think, a novelty in the world of classical music for the simple reason that no label has approached the repertoire on the same basis. The philosophy of Toccata Classics is not to duplicate recordings of works that are already adequately represented in the international catalogue: there's no point in going over the same ground twice. So we can virtually guarantee that Toccata Classics recordings will bring you music that is new to your collection.

Toccata Classics takes a very open view: our aim is to present recordings of outstanding music that is not otherwise available, without regard to the period of its composition or its provenance or, indeed, the fame of each composer – good music is good music, no matter who wrote it, when or where; if it's more or less in the western classical tradition, we want to know about it.

That approach requires a good deal of detective work, of course, and so we are working with a huge network of contacts – musicians, musicologists, librarians, enthusiasts – all around the globe so that the best of the world's forgotten music can make its way to you. We will, as far as possible, ignore today's received opinion in the hope of offering as rich, colourful and rewarding a palette of music as we can.

Toccata Press operates on the same basis: the aim is to publish the books on music that you aren't getting from other publishers – you can be sure that a Toccata Press book will offer material you can't read anywhere else.

Anyone can join

The Toccata Discovery Club is open to everyone: individuals, music schools, libraries, universities, etc.

If you want to see what's coming out before you join the Discovery Club, then simply sign up for the Toccata Classics mailing list by sending an email to and you'll be advised of new recordings as they appear. As each new release appears on this website, you'll be able to sample it track by track. If you like what you hear, you can buy the CD (or downloads) online at the normal retail price – but if you join the Discovery Club before you make that purchase, you will immediately avail yourself of the members' discount, and enjoy the same discount on every subsequent purchase you make for an entire year from the date of joining. Of course, you always remain in complete control of what you buy.

Tell us what you would like to hear

The Discovery Club will also be guided by your suggestions: we want you to tell us what unrecorded repertoire you think is important and should be considered for recording – making Toccata Classics the first ‘interactive' classical label.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.


* There's only one CD in the Toccata Classics catalogue for which we don't have the digital rights: Julius Burger Orchestral Music (TOCC 0001).