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Alexandrov: Piano Music, Volume 2

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Anatoly Alexandrov: Piano Music, Volume Two

Anatoly Alexander (1888–1982) is one of the forgotten figures of the Russian school of pianism that embraced Taneyev, Rachmaninov, Skryabin, Shostakovich, Gilels and so many other composers and pianists. Alexandrov composed fourteen sonatas and much else for piano in an attractive late-Romantic style that owes much to Nikolai Medtner, his teacher and friend. The reviewer for MusicWeb International called Vol. 1 of this series a ‘superb debut-disc’ and commented that Kyung-ah Noh ‘plays with immense power when called for, but is equally able to command the subtlest “pianissimo”’.

Release date: 3 November 2014, but digital downloads available through this site

Bargiel: Orchestral Music, Volume 1

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Woldemar Bargiel: Complete Orchestral Music, Volume One

Woldemar Bargiel (1828–97) was one of the best-known composers of his day, an important teacher and Clara Schumann’s half-brother, but his music has been largely forgotten. His only symphony has a Beethovenian drive, and his three published orchestral overtures, which are symphonic poems in all but name, lie downstream from Schumann, with a Brahmsian weight and power.

Release date: 3 November 2014, but digital downloads available through this site

Berg by Arrangement

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Berg by Arrangement

These arrangements for string orchestra of works by Alban Berg – some by Berg himself, others by later musicians – chart his development as a composer, from prentice pieces composed under the tutelage of Arnold Schoenberg to the rich, mature style of one of his masterpieces, the Lyric Suite, written to express an impassioned and illicit love.

Release date: 6 October 2014, but digital downloads available through this site

Dussek: Piano Music

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Jan Ladislav Dussek: Piano Music

The compositions of the Czech-born Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760–1812) show the Classical style gradually taking on the expressive characteristics of Romanticism, foreshadowing composers like Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert and Schumann. The Douze Études mélodiques (also published as Leçons progressives) offer a sort of musical United Nations of the day, its Polish, Russian, Scottish, Spanish, Turkish and other national elements intended to appeal to the contemporary fashion for the exotic. His F major Fantaisie is in effect an eight-movement suite, presenting an array of musical forms and capturing the improvisatory spirit and harmonic exploration of the fantasia.

Release date: 3 November 2014, but digital downloads available through this site

Facco: Pensieri Adriarmonici, Volume 2

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Giacomo Facco: Pensieri Adriarmonici: Concerti à cinque, Volume Two

Giacomo Facco (1676–1753), born near Venice, was active in southern Italy as violinist, choirmaster and teacher before his appointment to the Spanish royal court around 1720. Although highly esteemed in his own time, Facco had disappeared from musical history until a set of his twelve Pensieri Adriarmonici – concertos for three violins, viola, cello and basso continuo – were discovered in a Mexican library in 1962. Bright and buoyant, they have much in common with the music of Vivaldi, Albinoni and Facco’s other Venetian contemporaries – but are here given a distinct twist with a basso continuo of vihuela and guitarrón, as they might have been performed in eighteenth-century Mexico.

Release date: 6 October 2014, but digital downloads available through this site

Golovin: Orchestral Music

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Andrei Golovin: Orchestral Music

The music of Andrei Golovin (born in Moscow in 1950) lies in the Russian symphonic tradition downstream from Shostakovich and Boris Tchaikovsky. His music, like theirs, employs a sombre lyricism to conjure up images of vast open spaces but can also flare up in outbursts of considerable power. This CD presents a conspectus of almost four decades of his compositions, ranging from his first symphony to his most recent.

Kahn: Chamber Music, Volume 1

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Robert Kahn: Chamber Music, Volume One

Matthews: String Quartets, Volume 3

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David Matthews: Complete String Quartets, Volume Three

The American critic Robert Reilly described the music on Volume One of this cycle of the complete string quartets of David Matthews (b. 1943) as ‘some of the most concentrated, penetrating writing for this medium in the past 30 years or more. It is musical thinking of the highest order and quartet writing in the great tradition of Beethoven, Bartok, Britten, and Tippett’. This third CD in the series presents the first three works in the cycle – the Second influenced by The Who and Velvet Underground – together with an early contrapuntal study and the first of Matthews’ arrangements for string quartet.

Release date: 3 November 2014, but digital downloads available through this site

Milford: Chamber Music

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Robin Milford: Chamber Music

The revival of interest in the music of Robin Milford (1903–59) has largely bypassed his exquisite chamber music, an omission this recording seeks to redress. It presents some of his most attractive compositions for chamber forces, showing his very personal – and very English – combination of melodic freshness, elegiac lyricism and echoes of folksong.

Release date: 6 October 2014, but digital downloads available through this site

Solberg: Orchestral, Choral and Organ Music

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Leif Solberg: Orchestral, Choral and Organ Music

This CD commemorates the 100th birthday of the Norwegian composer and organist Leif Solberg (b. 1914). Solberg’s only symphony (1950–51) confirms the contrapuntal mastery evident in his magisterial organ works, investing it with a touch of sardonic humour and the dancing rhythms of Norwegian folk-music; the choral Good Friday Meditation, by contrast, points to the lyrical side of his muse.

Truscott: Piano Music, Volume 1

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Harold Truscott: Piano Music, Volume One

Harold Truscott (1914–92) enjoyed a reputation as one of Britain’s most perceptive writers on music, a doughty champion of many neglected composers who have now become familiar figures. But Truscott himself was a composer of some stature, writing in an individual style that is rooted in Beethoven and Schubert but also absorbs the influences of Nielsen, Medtner and Hindemith. This is the first CD in a series which will present his substantial corpus of piano music.

Wagner/Stradal: Transcriptions for piano, Volume 2

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Wagner: Transcriptions for solo piano by August Stradal, Volume Two

The Czech-born pianist and writer August Stradal (1860–1930) – a student of Bruckner and disciple of Liszt – was one of the more prolific transcribers of the nineteenth and earlier twentieth centuries, producing a vast quantity of piano music, including Liszt’s orchestral works, most of the Bruckner symphonies, a good deal of the Baroque (not least a huge amount of Bach) and much more, most of it phenomenally difficult to play. This series of recordings presents his Wagner transcriptions, cast in the best barnstorming virtuoso tradition.

Release date: 6 October 2014, but digital downloads available through this site